Whatsapp vs Hike Messenger Which One is Better

Whatsapp and Hike, the two instant messaging apps that have successfully proven themselves to be the top favorites of people all across the globe irrespective of the age groups, types of users etc. It’s hard to choose one over another. Although to be honest if you ask me, I would choose Whatsapp over hike any day, but that’s a favoring that can’t be backed up with logical answers. So I say why not compare the features of the two and draw a conclusion that is not biased but instead driven purely by logic.

What is Whatsapp?
Whatsapp is a free messaging service that requires only a good internet connection to provide you with a hassle free communication with your near and dear ones. The first year subscription is free of cost, thereafter a minimal fee of 1$ is charged every year for those who wish to continue its usage.

What is Hike?
Hike is the Indian counterpart of Whatsapp. It used to share more or less the same features as that of Whatsapp, which is a good internet connection, zero subscription fees and next thing you know, you get a license to send and receive innumerable texts. Although most recently, Hike has gone a step ahead, they have introduced a happy change that won’t even require an internet connection to send texts.

Limits on File Sizes sent/ received via both applications.
You can send a 16MB file (At the max) via Whatsapp while hike supports a file size of 100MB. Much more than the former one and the speed/ service of both are equally good.

Although Whatsapp provides its users with the option of cropping the size of image/video attached to it. No such cropping option are available on hike.

Sending File support
Whatsapp does not support file format, hence it becomes a bit difficult if the user wants share a file instantly over the message to a third party. Hike, on the other hand supports most of the file formats such as ppt, docx etc. This is one of the most useful features that make Hike better than whatsapp.

Adding Contacts:
Whatsapp can add contact almost immediately, within a few minutes. All those numbers saved in one’s cell phone memory automatically added on your whatsapp. Hitting a refresh button once in a while is all you need to do to be in touch with all your near and dear ones.
Hike, on the other hand requires one to send invitations to those people with whom the user wants to share file, information etc. An accepted invitation from the other party enables themselves to send messages to their friends.

Hike gives you the amazing offer to avail free talk time from time to time. They keep you updated with such offers via messages and makes sure you are updated with the newsfeed concerning those offers. On the contrary whatsapp does not give any such rewards.
I guess i’ll have to review my statement of being biased towards whatsapp now!

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