Top ten Tips for How to choose the best host for your website

Expert Tips Before You Choose a Host for your website

Planning to start your own brand new website or you are existing user but unsatisfied with your hosting provider ?

If that is so then you have landed on the right page, let’s consider some best tips before going for you suitable web hosting provider.

Choosing a web host is tough task to do, mainly because there are hundreds of companies offering cheap or free hosting service. But going for free services might be a flop idea for the people with business aspect because of the advertisement material covered on all over the web page. But you’ll often find that a paid host is much more beneficial for the long run.

Now when it comes to select the best internet hosting provider for your website, many things has to be kept in mind for making the best web hosting decisions.
Often asked questions:

Often asked questions :

  • What are the factors on which we have to decide the right hosting provider
  • What are the different webhosting plans or services & how they will affect the efficiency of website running.

To seek answer for this we have to first study about the different types of servers which provides hosting services.

  • Shared Hosting : it is a simple concept of sharing a server with more than one websites. This can be good for the beginners who don’t initially plan for getting any major site traffic. But if you want to get lots of site traffic then it’s not meant for you.
  • Dedicated Hosting : It means you are not sharing your server with any other websites. So, if a website that uses the same hosting company server get crashed and slows down other server sharing websites, than also yours won’t be impacted.

Now after selecting the type of servers that matches your website’s hosting plan, you have to make your next step towards the best features that makes a website to be unique from others in providing services. You can go through mostly defined 10 Functionalities listed below.

Look if the host provides free Domain Name
It would be mostly preferred to go for the host provider which gives you free registration for at least 1 domain with which the cost of domain purchase can be reduced but still if you are seeking for a unique domain name for your business then you must purchase it separately.

Analyzing the interphase and type of website functionalities you need
Starting with your website observing which kind of website you need. There are mainly two types of websites, Static and Dynamic. Static is usually preferred by beginners or small scale websites, while dynamic is mostly used for the User registration based websites like social media websites etc.

Option to Host Unlimited Domains
The web hosting provider should have the ability to host as many domains as you wish in your c Panel dashboard. It means you can manage all of your websites from one place and from the same server.

Terminating the downtime possibilities
Your web hosting services should be committed towards providing a secure and reliable hosting environment for your website business. As all websites now days are usually hosted on high performance quad processor servers and power backup generators, therefore removing the down time possibilities with ones 24/7 network monitoring system is a vital need now days.

Customized Support
A host should be dedicated to ensuring that their customers can contact them in the best way suitable for them through phone, video chat and email. Find out the operational structure of their support department, because it can be really frustrated & time consuming for you to talk to a customer support while you need to talk to a technical administrator to resolve the issue.

Affordable Web Hosting
Many webhost around the world with many different hosting plans are there online, what you have to do is to check their price list according to their features, the modest and efficient plan should be surely listed in middle of the price list, with main features including, unlimited email accounts and the ability to host unlimited domains. Rest all is premium service if we go for a higher price ratio unlimited transfers.

Easy Integration with user accessibility
Hosting features should be tightly integrated with the clients control panel, making it easy to access, optimize and promote your website, all these should be just a click away.

Confusing the customer with stuffy functionalities all around the user panel makes them to switch on to other hosting providers with simple yet high derived functions, because most of the customers are non-IT persons.

Free site building tools on Control Panel
It should be a user friendly control panel which makes it simple to manage all aspects for hosting your account. More over the add on functionalities like free site building tools or email hosting and other important tools makes the provider more likely for customers.

Opting for the operating system that the server is using
It is very simple; there are two operating systems, Microsoft and linux mostly used by the hosting providers. Most affordable web hosts use Linux but for the smaller businesses and personal sites hosting you need Microsoft .NET which is more compatible but you have to keep in mind that Windows Servers could be less secure than Linux servers.

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