Top 10 Magnetic tips for Increase Website Traffic

In this generation for any great website traffic is utmost required, Every blogger or site owner wants to generate high traffic in order to make money with Blog, affiliate, ecommerce, adsense etc. This article is all about how to get optimal traffic in shortest possible manner.

1. Backlink

Building backlink is the best way to get domain authority and pagerank. Pagerank can help you to get the most suitable place in google SERP (search engine result page). You can build backlink by guestpost, comment on other blog, social media, posting articles, question answer etc. By backlink you can boost your traffic rapidly to a great extense.

Backlink is a good way to get pagerank but avoid creating cheap or negative effective link as it can harm your Google ranking.

2. Great Content:

Content is the power in any website. Good content is the key to high market in these competitive arena. How to write SEO Article? Write your Article in such a manner that it creates curiosity in the viewers’ mind and force them to discuss about it.
Highlight your USP and use simple but effective language to reach to the masses.

3. Visitor Relations:

Visitors are the asset for any website or blog. Try to make your website user friendly by replying to there comments, email, questions etc. This creates a comfort zone for the visitors of your website and hence they would prefer you than any other site for the purpose.
Thus this simple method enhances traffic to the website.

4. Social Publicity:

Create good social publicity with facebook, linkedin, googleplus, twitter etc. Social media can help you to get backlink, strong relation, realtime traffic every time on your website. If you have good rapport in social media, your each post can get millions of visitors.

5. Guest Post:

Why Write Guest post ? Guest Post is a better way to get your blog or website in limelight. You can fetch other blog’s visitor to your website easily.
You can get Google light from guest post. If you have some sound writing skills you can break the market and get high traffic by guest post. Top 10 Guest Posting Site.

6. Domain Authorship:

Authorship gives value to your domain that can improve your site PR and search ranking. People as well as Google can trust on your website
services by authorship. To check your authorship use moz ranking for it.

7. Improving site speed
Google also consider speed of website for loading. If your site is low in speed you can loose visitor. Try to reduce the loading time, it should open

in 2 second or less then 2 seconds. Maintaining site speed is one of best part of SEO. You can also use cache for site speed.

8. Regular Update:

Visitors come to your site through Google, social link, guest post etc, so always update your site on daily basis. If you don’t update your website or

blog regularly you can lose visitors and hamper your relations. By regular updates you can build large number of RSS feed.

9. Page Rank:

Why Pagerank is important ? Pagerank gives google authority and reliability of good information. If your website has good quality content, great link, perfect article then your website can reach at the desired pagerank. Pagerank is measured on a scale of 0-10.
Google pr is 10 , Twitter pr is 10, WordPress pr is 9. Pagerank effects in the ranking of the website on Search Engine. If you have a great article with pagerank you can get a desired position in google in a short-time.

10. Join Community and Question-Answer Website:

Make relationships with community website like Stackoverflow, Deniveb etc. Yahoo answer can get you extra unique visitor with backlink that can give you realtime traffic.

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