Tips on How to Get BuySellAds Approval Fast

Everybody wanst to make money with blog or website. There are lots of ways on internet you can choose any as depend on your website. In this article i will talk about BSA (Buy Sell Ads).

What is BSA ?
The very first thing you need to know is the origin and nature of the buysellads. BuySellAds is a famous and well known network for the publishers and advertiser. This network is working as an online platform where the advertisers have opportunity to buy and publishers have opportunity to sell the ads.

How to get approval BSA ?
As like google adsense, bsa approval process is also strict about new website and publishers, but that doesn’t means you are not get bsa. if your website follow all the guide, terms of bsa you can approve your website easily.

  • TDS :
  • If you uses BlogSpot or any sublevel domain forgot about bsa , bsa approve only top level domain like .com, org etc.

  • Traffic Recruitment :
  • Yes BSA required traffic before approval, Make your goal 50k Impression Monthly.

  • Alexa :
  • If you archive 50k impression, i ensure that your Alexa below should try to get better alexa rank.

  • Social popularity :
  • Social popularity is not necessary but a good point. BSA will check your social popularity like PR, yahoo links, backlink, site history etc. Try to build social relation. If you have 500 twitter followers and 500 facebook fan your chance could be rise for approval.

  • Good description :
  • Good words can beat the world. Write good description about your site when apply. BSA staff will read yours site’s description first. Now a days 8 out of 10 site rejected because site’s information. Please fill all details when you apply.

  • Update Website :
  • I suggest you update your website regular.

  • Clean and Best Blog design :
  • Everybody see the design first, your must have professional designer for create your website. Good navigator menu and user friendly design that can rise your site approval chance in BSA.

  • Remove unnecessary ads :
  • Before apply i suggest you to remove other ads.

  • Original image and content :
  • Don’t use copyright image or content, i suggest you to take free image from Flickr.

  • English :
  • BSA is just only for English language website, make your website and blog in English for the approval.

  • Minimum Post : :
  • Try to Post 50 or above posts on your website or blog. This is the most important tip for the publisher.

  • Site AGE :
  • Site must have 2 month old, yes some blogger are professional and they can approve in 1 month because they have good traffic.

  • Website load time :
  • Make your website fast load, is good for seo, visitor and crawler.

Start Register in, Go to then register free account by signup button, please feel all your real details. After free register apply as publisher

if you follow all the step above i ensure that you got bsa approval. It takes 2-3 days for review. IF you are lucky your application can approve in 2-3 hour. BSA approval is hard but it dones’t mean your website is disqualified.

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    I could have got the approval from BSA but the mistake I found after reading the article was I made a silly mistake about the impressions which lead to rejection. Thanks I found the mistake.

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