Tips How To Make Money From Facebook Fan Page

Nowadays Facebook has become so handy that almost everybody with a mobile phone and/or a computer uses this social networking site. People talk with their friends on Facebook more than they do face-to-face. People are always busy updating their statuses or posting their pictures and creating pages just for fun.

Using Facebook for fun and socializing has now become cliche. Today it is even possible to earn decent money using the Facebook page you once made so casually which now has thousands of ‘Likers’ and ‘Followers’. There are lots of ways to earn money through Facebook which are discussed below.

Web traffic: It is one of the easiest ways to increase your income if you have a blog of your own or a website. All you have to do is share the link(s) of your site on your Facebook Wall or any Page and it may increase the traffic on your site when people will open the link.

Sharing Link: You can easily find advertisers who would want to share their website link on Facebook. Main point is that they want traffic on their site which you can provide them by sharing their sites’ links on your Wall or any Page and they would pay you for that. If you have a running and successful Page you can expect advertisers to contact you.

Give Likes to another Pages: As simple as it sounds, you just have to like Pages of other websites and they will pay you for it.

Promotions: You can do promotions on your Pages and it doesn’t matter if it is related to your page or not. Promoting products, services, newly-opened clothing shop, a food junction, your favorite brands or even your friend’s new business has become extremely easy and handy through Facebook. By officially selling products for say some online shopping website may lead you to some pretty decent commissions.

Sell your stuff: You can sell your write-ups and good content to publishers, you can write books too. If you are a software developer you can sell your Apps and also promote them. If you are a Fashion Designer you can sell your designs or publicize them to earn future projects. You should first try to market your own skills if you want to because then you will be able to easily tap a huge market with the help of Facebook and you can always expect quick responses from nowhere as Facebook is vast and it is extremely easy surf it and find people and their talent from any corner of the world.

Affiliate marketing: There are thousands of affiliate networks in the world from which you can choose as per your needs. I would recommend choosing as per your Page requirements. For e.g. if you have an iPhone Page you can sell iphone via Amazon affiliate link, if you have a Fashion Page you can sell clothes and footwear via affiliate link on Page.

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