Popular Tips to Increase Your Adsense CPC and CTR

CPC Increase Tips
If you are a blogger and AdSense is the major source of revenue for you, you should not ignore AdSense optimization. Your main aim should be to get high eCPM and increase AdSense CPC.

What is CPC?

CPC refers to cost per click. It is the money that you make with every user’s click. It is important to increase your AdSense revenue. Getting thousands of impressions is not as good as having a blog with good CPC. While CPC does not directly affect your website traffic, it can still help you earn more from AdSense. This is because the eCPM for the blogs are so high that they pay real well for CPC. The other affecting factors comprise keywords, ad competition etc.

How to Increase CPC

Here are a few CPC increase tips:

Eliminate Low CPC Ads
AdSense has cheap as well as high paying ads. It serves the ads by going through your website quality. The low CPC ads can be eliminated with the AdSense Ad Filter tool.

Target Important Sections
AdSense optimizes your textual content in the HTML format. The HTML format also includes a lot of coding such as analytic code, plugin scripts, etc. that weakens the content optimization of the page. You should make your webpage fit for easy navigation. This will get you relevant and high paying advertisements.

Follow AdSense Heatmap
The heatmap tells you about the best ads to place in your website. Choose the best heatmap based on your device – mobile, tablet or desktop.

Choose Your Ad Sizes Wisely
Choose from 300×250, 160×600 or 720×90. They are highly competitive and bring in high CPC.

Types of Ads
A lot of publishers avoid text ads, and choose flash ads and images to increase AdSense CPC. However, it is best to use image and text ads to increase the competition among advertisers.

Use Custom Channels
Custom channels help group some ad units. You may create a custom channel and for the ad units you can use on your tech pages. This groups the ad. Advertisers can not only bid for a single place, but also bid for an entire ad channel.

Ads Location
You can put as many as 3 ads on a webpage. The first ad unit usually has the highest CPC than the second and third. With great locations, you can bring in more click ads.

Increase Website Quality
If you put high quality content on your website, optimize it well for SEO with expensive keywords, and get more backlinks from high authority sites. Following the Google quality standards will help too.

Get Quality Traffic
Follow your AdSense report and you will know which country has high AdSense CPC. Get more traffic for the high CPC countries.

Other Tips
Do not block ad categories as it will reduce your ad competition. Avoid link units. Putting them below the navigation bar or at the sidebar creates a higher click through rate.

Enhancing Google AdSense CPC and CTR is not tough. You can follow the CPC increase tips above for generating a good income online.

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