Difference Between Dofollow and Nofollow Links

When we talk about the terminology used in the SEO, then some common terms that come into our minds are doindex, noindex, metarobots, dofollow and nofollow etc. all of them has their own significance in the rule book of SEO. We are here for the newbies who are dealing with the term nofollow and dofollow… [Read More]

Create Vertical Alexa Widget

Create and Add Alexa Rank Widget

Alexa is basically a search engine which is presently owned by the amazon.com. For those who are loading the search tools for their websites, this can be like popularity based ranking tool for those users. Alexa very efficiently tracks the location of your websites and gathers information to rate your website depending upon the numbers… [Read More]

Whatsapp vs Hike Messenger Which One is Better

Whatsapp and Hike, the two instant messaging apps that have successfully proven themselves to be the top favorites of people all across the globe irrespective of the age groups, types of users etc. It’s hard to choose one over another. Although to be honest if you ask me, I would choose Whatsapp over hike any… [Read More]

Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing

Google Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing

Bloggers always have to ponder a lot to decide who is better among Affiliate and Adsense. Drawing a Comparison between them, to weigh the options doesn’t help either as one is almost as likely as another. While Adsense pays you in accordance to PPC (Pay per Click), Affiliate pays you according to pay per lead…. [Read More]

Install Gocodes Wordpress Plugin

How to Hide Affiliate Links With Gocodes WordPress Plugin

Gocodes WordPress Plugin Every blogger want to get revenue for their hard work. Bloggers can make money with affiliate, adsense , buysellads etc. Everybody want to earn with affiliate but one should know that direct affiliate link can harm their blog. Now a days there are many affiliate programs like hostgator, bluehost, themeforest etc through… [Read More]