Make Money With WordPress Plugins

How to earn with plugin

Many developers ask me, is there anyways to earn with plugin ? YES it is possible. I am writing this article, which contains top four steps how to make money with wordpress plugin. I hope it will help you.

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Sell Premium plugin
Firstly,a market research is needed to find out a unique idea. If your idea is unique you can make 5 figure income with premium plugin. You can create plugin and sell it on themeforest.
Themeforest is the best place to sell your stuff or creativity. You can make your own website and sell your own plugin with it too.

UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin (32791 Sales Still counting)
Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress (32690 Sales Still increasing)

You can create plugin and sell it in market. The best step to start with is to search for uniqueness and then go ahead in depth.

Freemium Plugins

Freemium means, it’s free, still there are limitations. By increasing the usage of freemium plugin, you can make more money. Behind the scene, plugin is totally free of cost but if you want some features in it, its not free. For plugin sample , counter visiting is free, but if you want to get their realtime stat,then you may have to pay for that.

Free Plugins

You may be thinking, whether it’s possible to make money with free plugin or not ? I say, YES , it is possible. Create a useful plugin which is helpful for people. You can get plugin customized project, donate, authority, a best developer name in developer world and more freelancer project with free plugin etc.

Look at woocommerce, it’s free, but there are many projects of wocommerce which are customized as on date. what do you think ? Yes it is possible if you have some patience and creativity. You can get ads for admin panel to all ads will display in free plugins admin panel of wordpress.

Customize Plugins

Customize plugin work and create an attractive profile in freelancer, odesk, elance. with this you can get great opportunities everyday. The minium plugin customize cost is 50$ to 1000$. if you have good knowledge of php you can earn handsome money with freelancing business.

At deep, Plugin business is a hit in today’s world. Many developers are making a good money with it. If you have creativity, idea and patience, you can be successful in it.
Here are some awesome plugin list that can change the wordpress face:

Woocommerce : Its an awesome WordPress plugins that can change the face of ecommerce website and makes it easy. Beginner developer can easily open a store by using it.

Buddypress : Buddypress is used for creating community websites.

These plugins are free but you can make money by customizing them. lastly, if you want to win, you will have to create a unique plugin that can change the world.

That’s all!
Hope this article will help you to understand all about plugin and if you have any queries, leave a comment, I will respond soon.

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