Learn How to Recover From Google Panda Effect

Google Panda was one of Google’s most controversial algorithm updates, although it helped improve bad quality websites and hence the quality of search results. While for a lot of webmasters, the Google Panda updates are a headache and a lot of websites have lost their rankings due to the Panda penalty. The Panda 4.0 update was launched on May 21, 2014, the biggest Panda update of the year. It caused a major ranking shift for many websites. If your website has lost its traffic after the Panda rollout, here are a few things to remember.

Tips to Recovery from Google Panda

Remove Unnecessary Pages Or De-index Unnecessary Pages
Check the posts or pages that are a part of the Google search term from your domain. Earlier, it was good to have more of indexed pages, but now only important posts and pages are relevant. Otherwise, you will only make up search engine bulk without really adding value. If your tags are indexed, you should de-index the unnecessary pages as its categories and tags do not help the search engines.

Recover Low Quality Content
If you have been axed by the Panda, it is possible that a few of your contents is hurting your website. You can recover Google Panda by identifying the bad quality content, over-optimized pages and taking them out. These are your parasites eating through your content health. Go through your content inventory and remove the bad stuff. Be attentive to the pages that have high return rates and low user engagement. If these pages cannot be improved, remove them altogether.

Remove Duplicate Pages and Content
To recover from Google Panda update, get rid of duplicate pages and content as it will affect your search engine presence. Work on the details of your website structure and SEO to ensure that you are not offering any duplicate content. You should work manually to figure out any plagiarism. Use URL Canonicalization to stop indexing unwanted and unnecessary portions of your website.

Learn SEO
Use a long-term content marketing strategy to address your content goals, prime performance indicators, and business alignment strategies. The quality of your content should be consistent in order to recover from a Panda penalty. Use the best SEO practices such as good content creation strategies, beefing up of existing content, removing low quality pages, improving website architecture and more.

Use SEO Friendly WP Theme
Having premium WordPress themes is always better than free WordPress themes. If you are using a free theme, you need to check it for appropriate heading tags, and if it is SEO friendly or not. If not, try the Genesis theme or the Thesis theme. Put no-index facilities for the tabs, categories and other useless pages using the Genesis or Thesis option panels. If you cannot find the premium themes, use Robots meta plugins and add no-index to all the useless pages.

Sustain Your Recovery
You should sustain your recovery from Google Panda by using the best SEO practices. Here are a few key pointers :
Use the right content writing strategies
Reduce the keywords
Improve site architecture

With the right commitment and content planning, your website can be saved from the Panda penalty.

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    Well, First of all, it’s not an easy task to get to know, whether our blog is penalized or not, unless, we are experience. I faced the same problem, when i started my career, that time, one of my blog got penalized due to low quality content, but I continued working on it, without knowing that it was penalized, but with experience, I recovered that blog perfect and it started ranking well on Google after the recent Panda Refresh. But, One thing I should say, recovering from Panda or Penguin can take some time, considering how much low quality content we have on our site, so it took few months for me. So, I will advice to all those who are looking recover their blog Google penalty, work smartly and keep patience. It’s the best way to do so. Btw, a very well written Post. Cheers.

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