How to Make Money Without Google AdSense

How Make Money Without Google AdSense?

Every blogger wants to excel Adsense technique and earn immediately. Adsense is surely high money making tool but it is not the only way to make money. In case you can’t get a hold of it you have various other alternatives to earn handsome money through blogging which are as follows:

Affiliate Marketing – It lets you find a product/service you like and promote it to others. You are then eligible to earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. It requires no customer service, no infrastructure to be built, no banners and you don’t have to create any product or buy it. No customer calls, just refer the products and services to people on your website/blog. It allows you to change business models frequently. Just figure out a way to promote someone’s product and sign an affiliated program. Your commission depends on the type of products you choose.

BuySellAds – is an online advertising network based in Boston, Massachusetts. Bloggers can sell adspace on their blogs and get high potential advertisers who pay very high rates to them and all this happens through BuySellAds which works as a broker to find you advertisers for your product/services. It takes a fraction of your earning. The advantage to use it is that they have access to vast number of advertisers which you may not have on your own. It can be better than Adsense in a way that it has bidders to bid for your Ads and the higher the bid, the more money you make.

Direct Advertising- This type of marketing is direct from the seller/manufacturer to the customer and it involves no 3rd party in between. You need to be knowledgeable enough in using various tools of sales and marketing to get the best out of it. The best examples of this type of advertising are Direct Mails through postal mail service, emailing the prospects about the products and telemarketing by calling the customers and telling them about the products and services.

Write Reviews
By review’s you can easily generate 100$-200$ each month depends on your website and visitors.

If you liked some product and if you can write about it in detail or in such a way that it promotes the product then you should definitely think of earning a few bucks by doing it. Just share your views about products, services, businesses, websites and movies on your blog. Sign up to such websites which let you earn by posting your review about a product. Many people are now earning a full time income by writing high quality reviews.

Use other Adnetworks – You can use other Ad networks like Federated Media, BlogHer, Say Media, etc. They generate higher CPMs which can really increase your income. Although they take a large share (usually 50%), but the net to you is still often much higher than Adsense.
Paid post- It is basically getting paid by the websites by writing posts or reviews about their advertisers. The amount they pay you differs from website-to-website.

Write Ebook – If you like to share your knowledge with others on the topics you have learnt till now in your school or college or work, you can easily write an Ebook and publish it through a reliable site. You can write on whatever stuff you like and earn great amount.

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