How to Keep Adsense Account Safe

When an individual or an organization gets an Adsense account approval then he thinks about making more money but sometimes fails to use it correctly within the norms of Adsense made by Google. Google Adsense system is genius in the sense that if you break any of its rules then Google can ban you automatically from using the account. In this article we will learn how to avoid an Adsense ban and how to use Adsense safely by following all the rules.

Avoid Traffic Exchange Programs
Firstly, don’t use traffic exchange programs as they can do irreparable damage to your website. Such programs may lead to invalid clicks by readers/visitors which is against Adsense policies. A few 3rd party services such as paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, auto-surf, and click-exchange programs are also against the norms of Adsense and may lead to banning of your account. Some users use traffic exchange with their family and friends but they don’t realize that Google is smart enough to know difference between legit and non-legit impressions and clicks.

Don’t Click on Your own Ads
Secondly, don’t click your own Ads. Google can very well track your behavior on the internet whether it’s from your computer or some other. That’s what cookies are for. Using some friend’s computer, work computer or just a cafe computer may lead to the banning of your Adsense account because Google will get to know some day or the other about your cunningness through geo-IP addressing.
However, clicking on your Ads by mistakes can be neglected and not charged to the advertisers.

Don’t Edit Adsense ad Code
Thirdly, you should not edit Adsense code. Google has recently changed its policies a little, allowing users to modify their Adsense code to some extent to enhance their site experience. But they have clearly stated what all can be modified and if any user tries to surpass these norms then he has to bear the aftermaths.

Don’t use over 3 ad slot
According to the program policies, an Adsense user cannot place more than three Adcodes on his site. This rule is applicable to everyone from an individual to a hard-earning company. The main aim of it being that the visitors should not feel spammed by the Ads and not be able to fulfill the main motive of their visiting that site.

Only on Content Page
Moreover, use Adsense in only Content page. The user is not allowed to use Ads integrated into a software application, displayed in pop-ups, placed in emails.

Avoid Paid Traffic
Using paid traffic is strictly against the program policies of Adsense. I agree that it helps in earning more money but Adsense doesn’t recommend it as it is not the honest traffic to your site but false traffic which if not targeted leads to random visitors visiting your site and not even buying your products but just surfing on your site.

Check ad Policies Regularly
You must always check Terms and conditions of Adsense policies regularly as they are updated from time to time and sometimes ignorance may lead to bad repercussions.

Only one Account
Lastly and most importantly, you should use only one Adsense account. Trying to fool Google in any way would not lead to positive effects, ever.

Therefore, to earn honest and good money you should work as per Adsense policies as they can be really strict by banning your account and you would never be able to make another.

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