How to Increase Alexa Rank Of Your Blog or Website

How to Increase Alexa Rank is subsidiary unit of it is a ranking system that is based on the level of traffic that a website receives from those having the toolbar installed. If you are a blogger, you must know how to increase Alexa rank. The sites that have good traffic and whose content is updated regularly will have a good rank.

Alexa was established in 1996 when it was restricted to information accumulated by the Alexa toolbar. However, Alexa traffic estimation has improved and today it has a lot of features such as website claiming facility, details updating facility and other website related information.

Why is Alexa Important?

As one of the best website analytics companies online, it pays to have a higher Alexa rank as sit concerns the level of your trust blogs. Even if you are a regular blogger, the Alexa ranking can offer commercial value to your blog.

Tips to Increase Alexa Ranking

Here are a few increase Alexa rank tips:

Update Regular
Alexa loves fresh content like Google. If you update your blog 7 to 10 times a week, you can enhance your ranking in a major way. Posting a lot of articles a day also increases your chances of indexing by the search engines. More posts mean more visibility and hence better rank.

Social Share
Social media websites tend to drive a lot of traffic to your website. Share your posts on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. You may even use Facebook like box and Google+ gadgets etc. to increase Alexa traffic rank. This will allow users to stay in tune with your updates across all platforms. Allow your users to share your articles easily through floating bars and other interesting sharing widgets.

Build Traffic
More people mean more traffic and a better rank. You need quality content on your blog and promote it to get traffic. This will rocket your page rank. You may even engage traffic exchange programs that get a lot of traffic to your blog. However, the quality is not guaranteed and often your bounce rate increases.

Great Content
One of the best ways to understand how to increase Alexa rank is by writing good content. This helps increase website traffic. Moreover, Google is in love with quality content. This strikes high ranked SERPs that allow you to increase website traffic. Your Alexa rank directly relates to traffic to your website; so if you get more traffic, you stand higher chances of getting a better rank.

Guest Posting
Some beginner bloggers make the mistake of restricting their blogs to some people. However, this isolation is not good as it works against increasing website traffic. Allowing guest bloggers to post on your blog can increase exposure. Make sure that the content you or others are posting is original and useful. This will lead to better Alexa rank.

A good Alexa rank indicates a healthy and successful website. If you can increase Alexa traffic rank, you will get more business. Improve your ranking today with the above tips.

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