How to Hide Affiliate Links With Gocodes WordPress Plugin

Gocodes WordPress Plugin

Every blogger want to get revenue for their hard work. Bloggers can make money with affiliate, adsense , buysellads etc. Everybody want to earn with affiliate but one should know that direct affiliate link can harm their blog.

Now a days there are many affiliate programs like hostgator, bluehost, themeforest etc through which good money can be made. But Search Engine hates affiliate link. So, totally hiding an affiliate link from search engine would be better.

Affiliate vs adsense :
Affiliate programs like hostgator , bluehost , Themeforest etc pays you on every sale whereas adsense pays you when you achieve minimum payout recruitment.

Search engines hate affiliate link and if you put more and more link it can harm your rating and it can go down also . So hiding affiliate link is the best solution for it.There are many ways to hide a link but I will recommend to use Gocodes plugin to hide an affiliate link.

About GoCode Plugin :
Its a totally free plugin. It will help you to hide affiliate link from search engines. You will have to download Gocode plugin. I recommend this plugin because it makes an ugly url look pretty and it also hides the url. Gocodes also help in maintaining SEO of your site.

There are many ways to earn with affiliate. Now lets learn about gocodes plugin. First go to your wordpress admin panel , search for Gocodes plugin and install it.

Install Gocodes WordPress Plugin

Install Gocodes WordPress Plugin

Now go to wordpress settings and search for Gocodes. Now change the default /go/ to something like recommended or any word you want.Make sure nofollow box is checked. When everything is done , click the update button.

Settings Gocodes Plugin

How to Settings Gocodes Plugin

Now lets start converting your link to Gocodes link. It’s very easy to do it with Gocodes plugin. Now copy the url and paste it on your website.
lets see how to do that :

Add your original link on Target url box : Themeforest url
Redirection key : Your chosen word

Affiliate link with Redirects

Create your affiliate link with redirects

After that you will find Gocode’s hidden redirection link, which you can copy and paste whenever you want.

Gocodes plugin have some extra features that let you count hits on affiliate cloaked url. I recommend to check the box for count hits. Gocodes plugin is one of best plugin for hiding an affiliate link from Google.

Manage Plugin

How to Manage Affiliate plugin

I also recommend you to create robot.txt file and set url trigger as disallow in it. if you are using the yoast plugin then Click the Edit file link under the SEO and add URL trigger, as disallow. simply code in it and check the image.

Create robot txt file with Yoast Plugin

How to Create robot txt file with Yoast Plugin

If you are not using yoast plugin, open your filezilla, find the hidden file, modify one line and after everything is done, reupload it. That’s all , now you can make affiliate link yourself with gocode plugin.

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