How to Get Free High Quality Dofollow Backlinks

Backlinks can be regarded as the backbones of the entire search engine ranking regardless of the various changes in the ranking parameter and Google algorithm. It doesn’t matter that how much the search engines including Google emphasize on the good quality plagiarism free content that is having the capability to attract more and more reader but still it will be really tough to find the place in the top ranking list of the front page of Google search.

Even if somehow you have managed it because of your high quality outstanding content, you will not be able to survive for long time.

Therefore a good marketing strategy is required for making people aware of your website. For this you need some SEO tools and some backlinks. Every bloggers wishes to spend less budget in the marketing and it will be like a heaven if they can have the high PR backlinks that too absolutely free.

Backlink is actually the incoming links to a web page or website. They contribute a lot in enhancing the rank in the search option. In other words, we can say that it is one of the best tools of SEO.

We are here to make you aware about some websites given below that can provide free PR backlinks to you:


Google can be considered as the best social media that will surely bring a high quality backlink for your blog or website. For getting free PR backlinks, firstly you have to sign in and after that go to your profile, find Story and click on edit link. Then add your url and click save button.

Getting the free PR backlines from yahoo is really an easy task. You just have to answer the questions on yahoo answer!!! It will easily provide you the nofollow backlink attribute.

Like yahoo answer you can add link with your question or answer. it will provide you the shortcut to gain the backline using various codes.

YouTube is also a great source of getting ample of nofollow backlinks for your website for getting the organic traffic. Signup youtube and upload 1-2 good video with your website link in description.

Mozilla is having the 9th rank in the page ranking therefore it can be a better place for getting some backlinks for the support of your site. First Signup in mozilla and add your website link in Homepage box.

it is also a reputed website and will easily provide you the backlink by just following a few editing steps. Signup Stack exchange go to your profile and add website.

The procedure of getting the free backlinks from scope is quite similar to the other websites.

using this can really bring a bundle of traffic for your site. It is advisable to sign up for Pinterest for getting high traffic.

Reddit is direct sharing site. In this you can conveniently share your post and gain the PR backlink for every post. This can be regarded as the open source of getting maximum traffic.

You can place your links in the comments or you can directly post and share using this social media website.

Alexa have PR7 signup alexa PRO just free for 1 month. You can add 2 link of your website.

CONCLUSION: In this way you can enjoy the free high PR backlinks for gaining maximum benefit out of you blog or website. It will surely increase more and more visitor on your site and will take it to the heights of success.

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