How Much Money Can Make With Adsense

AdSense pays on a pay per click basis which allows publishers to get paid on the number of clicks that they get to their ads. If you are wondering, how much does Google AdSense pay, the pay for every click can be low and even high as $10, in rare occasions. Expecting payment of 15 – 50 cents for every click and other niches can rarely get less than 50 cents per click.

The price is estimated by a few factors, although the biggest is the demand from the advertisers to advertise for a particular keyword phrase. If you are writing an article on gardening tools for beginners, advertisers selling gardening tools will compete to advertise beside your article. If there is a lot of demand, they have to pay more for advertising beside your article. If they pay more, you will earn more from every click.

Factors that Affect AdSense Earning

Page Rank
If the ranking of your web page is higher, it means that it will attract more users. If there are more users, there will be more clicks. Consequently, more clicks will translate into more ad revenue that will hence be generated.

If your website content is optimized with keywords, it will rank high in the search results. If your website has a higher rank, it means there are more clicks. This brings in more revenue for your website.

Country or Location
If you are an AdSense publisher, you might have observed that getting clicks from UK, US and Australia can get good CPC rates. However, getting clicks from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka will not earn as much. This is because the currency in these countries has a lower valuation when compared to the US or Australian dollars. In the UK or the US, payment is made in terms of dollars and pounds which bring a higher CPC value.

How Much Advertisers Pay

To understand how much money i make with AdSense, you need to look at the cost per click. If you write about a topic for which advertisers do not buy ads, you will not get paid much. If you are writing about diamond engagement rings, there are really a lot of businesses trying to sell diamond rings and they will have a good markup too. A lot of jewelry stores are keen to sell diamond engagement rings. That level of competition and advertising budget indicates that you are going to see higher CPC for the ads which are run on your website. This means that every click will be worth more and more.

So, if you are to understand how much AdSense pay, the truth is that you can make a lot of money. A few people can make thousands of dollars each month, while others make only $10. It all depends on the amount of traffic your website can generate, ad placement, and niche and website design. If you can do all these, you can make a lot of money.

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