Google Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing

Bloggers always have to ponder a lot to decide who is better among Affiliate and Adsense. Drawing a Comparison between them, to weigh the options doesn’t help either as one is almost as likely as another.

While Adsense pays you in accordance to PPC (Pay per Click), Affiliate pays you according to pay per lead. Both can provide you with a handsome amount of money.

Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing

Many bloggers display their “Affiliate” link directly on the website. In my personal recommendation I’d rather advice you don’t do so, as a direct link can prove to be potentially harmful for your SEO, having detrimental effects on website’s ranking and related traffic. Hide the affiliate link via gocode plugin.

What is Adsense?
Adsense id is a top rated advertisement programme being one of the best of its kind. It is most suitable for both low and high traffic.

You can opt for “Pay per click” programme and start earning. The entire working depends on a number of criterions such as your country, type of visitor PR, keywords used etc.

Adsense is owned and managed by Google. For all those who have’t adsense account, are advised to read the Adsense approval tips.

What is Affiliate?
Many company offer affiliate programmes one can join as many as they want. The process is easily comprehensible and simple to opt for; one can get instant approval for start within a few minutes. You can earn per lead and not via recruitment payment i.e. pay per sale.

A Quick and easy payment is made available via Pay Pal. There are many blogger known who earn staggering amounts through adsense/ Affiliate or both; bringing their income to a 5 digit numerical figure! But the age old question as to which one is better shoots up in the mind of many novices. I am here to answer that question. Let’s start by picking up the main topic:

Among the both options, one can exercise a full control over affiliate banner, link etc. Although you can’t tell Google to modify a advertisement in case of Adsense, as per your choice or liking.
Affiliate marketing is easy to operate. You have the liberty to change and update according to your visitor’s interest.

Fast Payment

Adsense earning’s dependent on various criterions such as click, country, visitor, PR etc. Hence it takes a comparatively longer amount of time to receive payments. Also there is unavailability of any direct payment mode.

Although in Affiliate, you can get your payments immediately credited into your account via Pay Pal. For instance, your make a sale of a product worth 100$ and your commission is entitled to 30% of the total cost. The money will be immediately transferred through a fast payment mode.

Fast Earning
Affiliate Marketing pays you only when you provide them with sales or lead. There are no PPC if your visitor, surfs through the link but makes no purchasing transaction. Hence you can’t make money unless a sale occurs. One the other hand, in Adsense you can earn per click.

Approval Process
Affiliate approval process is quick and easy when compared to Adsense. You can sign up in less than a minute. While Google’s approval process for Adsense is a strict procedure for any new blogger. You must adhere to their policy word by word to avoid the shutting down of application.

Marketing Style
For Affiliate earning, it is required that you possess excellent marketing skills to sell your products and earn the desired money. While in Adsense, it is not expected from you to possess an impeccable marketing strategy.

As mentioned before, Adsense approval process is strict but earning process is easy. You can earn by PPC, while in Affiliate, you must possess an excellent marketing skill and good traffic to make money.

Both Affliate and Adsense have their pros and cons. While Affiliate is user friendly and easy to handle, Adsense facilitates you to make more money by making less efforts. Although getting through their policies is a herculean task. I recommend that you use both. Divide the work under two heads and ravage the essence of both to maximize your profits.

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