Difference Between Dofollow and Nofollow Links

When we talk about the terminology used in the SEO, then some common terms that come into our minds are doindex, noindex, metarobots, dofollow and nofollow etc. all of them has their own significance in the rule book of SEO. We are here for the newbies who are dealing with the term nofollow and dofollow and still their concept is not clear. So don’t worry we are there to help you out.

What is the basic difference between the dofollow and nofollow backlinks???

The basic difference between the dofollow and nofollow backlinks is that do follow is having the higher rank in the Google search option therefore provides you more SEO value then the nofollow.

The backlines that are followed by the goggle are known as dofollow backlinks. That simply means that the Google gives certain linking credits to your backline. Therefore as a result it will increase your ranking in the Google search and will allow your website to have more authority.

Google does not follow some backlinks; they are regarded as the nofollow backlines. It has no SEO value and can only bring the organic traffic to your website.

How to inquire whether it’s a nofollow link or dofollow link???

It’s really very easy to find this out. There are two methods available for this. First is by clicking on the view source option. The second is more easy and convenient. You just have to click on the “inspect element option. It will provide you a HTML codes by using which you can determine the type of link.

In what ways the nofollow and do follow attributes are different from each other???

After the successful setting up of the blog, the first thing that comes to the concern of the blogger is to place it as the top hit in the first page of Google search engine. A good SEO is required in order to enjoy the top position in the search list. This factor really has big influence on the visibility and no. of visitors for your blog.

People are usually confused about the nofollow link. It probably means that the Google bot does not pass any link juices and web crawler to those links. They are just attracting some of the organic traffic for the blog. But still this link is respected by several other search engines.

Unlike nofollow link, the dofollow backlink is much more useful as it place your blog in the good list of Google. They are respected by all the other search engines too. They provide instructions to the web crawlers and search engine spiders to follow your link.

Value of nofollow links

Although this attribute doesn’t play any significant role for making the high rank SEO value in the most famous search engine that is Google. But there is no harm if you are using it too as it will bring more organic traffic for you. It supports some other search engines. Therefore it is advisable to use both the backlink attributes.

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