Best CPM Ad Networks to Make Money From Your Blog

CPM or Cost per Impression advertisements are a ways of earning money using your blog or website. Most websites today depend on AdSense, but if you have another means of revenue, you can earn more. The various kinds of advertisement programs include cost per sale, pay per click and cost per action among others. AdSense pays you only when someone clicks on the ads. CPA programs pay only when some action is done such as filling out a form etc., but if you want to earn from CPM you need not do anything.

If you are looking for the best CPM ad networks, here are the top 5 to reckon with :

1) Tribal Fusion: This is a top of the line network with a long tradition. Their requirements are top tier too. Other than high quality content and unique page design, they need at least half a million visitors each month. If you meet these requirements, you can get good rates.

2) Value Click Media: This network requires 3000 impressions each month for having your blog approved. They even have different types and sizes of advertisements. The minimum payout is $25 and you will get paid through PayPal and check. As one of the top CPM adnetworks for publishers, Value Click Media is a good alternative for those who want to earn from their available inventory. You not only get complete control on your ads, but also gain superior support and high end advertising.

3) Technorati Media: Technorati’s claim to fame is their blog search engine and directory. Along with their main business, they even run a superior ad network. The rates are quite decent and traffic requirements equally affordable. It’s easy to register, although approval takes a few days as all the websites are reviewed manually. You can meanwhile log in and familiarize with their backend interface.

4) Casale Media: Casale Media can be counted as one of the best CPM adnetworks. It offers high CPM rates as well as other fixed CPM rates. you need to get 50000 unique visitors each month to become a publisher. One of the premium ad networks in Canada, their attitude and quality are one of the best in the industry. Since they have very high standards, they are unsuitable for beginners.

5) Burst Media: Burst Media offers high quality campaigns, good CPMs, and complete control of the ads running on your website. Your website should have a minimum traffic of 25000 page views a month or 5000 unique views. They also offer different ad formats such as leader boards, skyscrapers, pop-ups in different sizes and scroll banners. The minimum payout is $50 and the payment is done through PayPal or check.

CPM ad programs give you a way to earn some money from your blog with the help of ads. These are good for blogs with high page views, albeit low click through rates. This is the scenario for most of the tech blogs since the best ones allow you to earn.

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