Basic SEO Tips For Bloggers

SEO is important as it helps generate Traffic. Good SEO help your blog to be noticed by the search engines.

Basic SEO Tips for New Bloggers

Add H1 in Every Page
H1 is the heading of your page. The post title (H1 tag) should default to act as the post Meta title tag.

Submit Site Map to Google
Sitemaps allow search engines to discover the content on your website, whether your WordPress blog is new or old. Make sure that your site map conforms to the protocol. Use Google XML sitemap plugin to create the sitemap for your new WordPress site.

Choose Right Keyword for Your Page or Post
You need to be conscious about placing the right keywords through all the aspects of your site such as in the image names, titles, URLs and content. Think of keywords as your search terms.

Submit to Social Book Marking Websites
SEO for blog also includes spreading the word about your website and getting back valuable links. The top social bookmarking sites to use are StumbleUpon, Delicious and Digg. Your blog posts should also allow readers the chance to share your WordPress site to their bookmarking account through share buttons or toolbars.

Write Guest Post
Some blogs might have a no-follow comments area. In such situations, guest posts can be used to improve the website SEO.

Write a PR
Announce that you have launched what you are offering and why you are the best. This method of SEO for blog should be well-written, and good. While you can use the good auto-submit press release websites; consider the local press, niche publications or trade magazines.

Online Directories
Some good quality websites you can submit are, Best of the Web, Yahoo Directory, Yellow Pages and DMOZ. High quality directories will offer good quality backlinks.

Webmaster’s Tools
The major search engines have webmaster tools sections where you can log in and inform them about your website. After confirming that you are the site owner, you can submit your sitemap; view the website details that link to you, the best keywords and errors, if any.

Google Authorship
Take part in the Google Authorship program. Write useful and original content that is rich in keywords. Link your profile on Google+ to all the blogs and posts you write by following these instructions. Use an impressive Google+ headshot which will be displayed in the search results.

Offsite Activities
Don’t be in a hurry to complete everything in a single weekend and then forget all about it. You need to work hard constantly, publish fresh content, interact with your followers, post updates on Facebook, create a good reputation on blogs and forums and only then the internet will trust your blog.

With the basic SEO tips, keep monitoring your website for its progress. SEO is an ongoing effort. Hence, you should monitor your blog to see its progress.

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