Aweber Vs MailChimp Which One is Better

Having an email newsletter can be the best way to mobilize your audience to take action. It is also a great way for maintaining an active community of customers or readers for your website.

Who is the Best – Mailchip or Aweber?

Aweber vs MailChimp

Aweber Vs MailChimp Which One is Better

Mailing list providers are like any other technology platforms: it is very easy to get started with one, but not as easier to switch later after you have become established. If your email list gets larger, your chances of switching providers is more and so are your chances of losing some of them.

It is not fully possible to compare between both because, they are the best email marketing companies. Before even starting an email list, you will have to open and set up an account with the email list provider of your choice. It’s not about Mailchimp vs. Aweber but how to narrow down your choice and come to a decision. The first aspect to deal with is your needs. Your requirements will change as your business grows. The primary functions of an email list are to offer customers with a safe means to subscribe and unsubscribe from the mailings they receive from you.

Mailchimp or Aweber Which Is Better

Pricing plays an important role, unless you have an unlimited budget. If you are only sending 1000 mails a month, the price is not important. However, when you grow your list to send millions of emails each month, emailing can become a major expense. For MailChimp, the monthly fee for less than 50000 subscribers depends on the number of subscribers you have. For 25000 subscribers, MailChimp will charge $150, whereas the same for Aweber is $149.
Auto Responders
These are features that are used by those who want to drive their subscribers to a higher level of membership or market their present content. If you are planning to use a preset email campaign for highlighting other products and services, a good auto responder is important. Both Mailchimp and Aweber are good, as there is little difference between the providers.
Better Email Tracking
With Mailchimp, you can allow only a part of your email list to receive your follow up emails on the basis of whether they signed up for your newsletter or not. This can be specified using the Mailchimp auto responder interface. Aweber tags all your subscribers with a message number to indicate the follow up mails they have received.
Better Form Design Tools
Mailchimp focuses more on the product usability and design. It has around 30 fields that can be included with email addresses in their forms. The interface also makes the creation of custom forms for blending with a website theme in a simplistic manner.
Easy to Use
Both Mailchimp and Aweber have their uniqueness, but if you take the time to explore, you can find your way through either platform.
Both platforms have extensive online tutorials, although Mailchimp has the edge. Aweber has live chat support and you can call them on their toll-free number and speak with someone in person.

If you prioritize programmability and design, Mailchimp wins hands down. Aweber is a great choice with powerful email management and tracking features. Their delivery rates are better too.

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