10 Tips How to Get Adsense Approval

Nowadays, online bloggers or website owners want to get a good income for the hard work they put in . It’s easy to create a website but promotion and good income needs a lot of knowledge and focus.You can build your blog easily with WordPress, free blog from blogger and also get traffic from social media, organic search etc. Google adsense is the best way to earn online and its used by thousands of bloggers. Check top ten adsense earner from India.

We have seen that most of the online bloggers and users are crazy for Google Adsense. But Google is strick for new bloggers, adsense approval is some strick process nowadays but nothing is impossible if you have talent.

Some bloggers make 100$ per day via adsense with their great content and marketing.

Lets start with How to Get Adsense Approval Tips :

1. Use TDS :
TDS means Top Level Domain. Using com, org, net, info etc. raises your chance for approval.

2. Remove unwanted ads :
Before approval remove the unwanted ads like infolink, chitika etc.

3. Great post and content :
Google always promotes the contents which attracts the readers. So, its advisory for the users to create attractive articles with unique contents.

The users should not upload their articles without checking the quality ,because it may delay their Google Adsense approval.

Try to write 50 unique posts which pass through copyscape, in english. Don’t write less than 300 words rather try to write 500 words or more.

If you write more words Google thinks you are serious about blogging and this raises your chances for approval.Remember, only quality contents should be your first preference. It will help you get a quick success.

4. Add useful Pages:
Add Contacts, Privacy and About us page. Read how to create Privacy Policy page.

5. Build traffic :
you will have a great opportunity for approval if you are successful in reaching out to 500 unique visitors or 2500 pageview per day.

6. Remove Broken Link :
If your site have broken links then remove them before applying for adsense approval as Google totally hate broken links.

7. Build some high quality backlink and authority :
Use social media like facebook, google plus and twitter.Do you know, google plus can give you great authority and it can be very useful for adsense.

8. Add google analysis and webmaster account to your site. Also Submit sitemap to google webmaster tool. Recommended : How to submit sitemap to google ?

9. Proper navigation :
Google wants user friendly website, so add user friendly navigator. Your approval chances will rise if you have a better navigator.

10. Check your Grammatical mistakes and try to raise the speed of the site and create the best design. Your Age must be above 18 years before you apply for adsense.

Some bloggers often ask a question whether they need Alexa rank for adsense approval or not. No alexa and google are diffrent. Google does not need alexa rank for approval. You can get adsense on any alexa ranked website.

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